Raise appreciation for our water

I was heartened to read that this year's Walk for Water project had a record number of participants (Walk for Water gains more followers; May 15).

Not only do participants experience the lengths many Cambodians have to go to obtain drinking water, but they can also contribute towards the building of wells in Cambodia.

I believe this project will continue to grow and achieve greater success, especially in the light of moves by the Government to encourage water conservation.

Increased emphasis has been placed on raising awareness about water demand and supply.

Water rationing exercises have begun in schools, including mine. This has made us more conscious of the amount of water we use.

These two projects remind us of the need to save water, as well as how fortunate we are to have regular access to clean water.

Increasing our appreciation for the precious water resources our country has would certainly be beneficial in ensuring water security for all.

Lee Wei Xin, 15, Secondary 4 student


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