Questionable to charge patient for video taken after consultation

There has been much discussion recently regarding rising healthcare cost (Treat what ails healthcare market; March 12). It brings to mind an experience I had.

In December last year, I visited the podiatry clinic at Changi General Hospital. After an examination and consultation, I was told that a reinforcement to my current insole would be adequate.

Following this, and seemingly as an afterthought, I was told to take a few short walks for the podiatrist to take videos of my gait. This was done with his smartphone.

I was charged $47.50 for the examination and consultation, and another $47.50 for "Biomechanical Assessment", that is, the video.

When I asked the podiatrist about the charge, all he could say was that it was the "hospital's policy", and that the video would be uploaded into my file.

I wrote to the hospital but to date, I have not received an explanation nor even an acknowledgement.

Wong Nin Jee

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