Publicity for S'pore worth more than $20m spent

When it was confirmed that the Trump-Kim summit was to be held in Singapore on June 12, I was disappointed that I would not be able to witness the historic event, having scheduled an overseas trip for that period.

As it turned out, being in Europe gave me an unexpectedly exciting view of the summit.

I felt immense pride witnessing Singapore in everyone's living room, as people watched the news in the build-up to the summit on television, even in the remote part of the French countryside where I was.

By the time Europe woke up on Tuesday, the summit had concluded successfully and I was treated to the sight of the good news on the front pages of the German media.

The positive publicity for Singapore is worth more than the $20 million it costs to host the summit ($20m cost to host summit worth bearing: PM Lee; June 11).

The world saw not only the impressive landmarks of Singapore but also the capability, efficiency and warm hospitality of Singaporeans - from our leaders to the diplomatic, security and hospitality teams, to the crowds that spontaneously lined the streets and waved at United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

My compliments to everyone who was involved in the summit for making it such a spectacular success.

Agnes Sng Hwee Lee (Ms)

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