Public plays crucial role in ensuring laws are obeyed

It is admirable that Mr Peh Chwee Hoe gave credit where it is due, recognising that the Government has taken appropriate measures such as the Active Mobility Act to "curb the reckless riding of e-mobility devices, among others" (People will benefit only if laws are rigorously enforced; July 25).

However, he seems rather myopic when it comes to the issue of e-mobility devices.

Yes, laws are put into place by the authorities and it is the duty of officers to make sure that those who flout them are punished.

But, it seems to me that he is holding the authorities entirely responsible over the issue of speeding e-mobility devices.

Are we, as citizens, not responsible as well?

Take, for example, the issue of speeding e-mobility devices posing a danger for children, as "they do not always keep to one side of the path and do not know how to react to a speeding e-mobility device rushing towards them".

The ones responsible here are the parents. They should not be cleared of their responsibility of keeping a watchful eye over their children.

Speeding e-devices are part of the problem, but let's not pretend that the responsibility lies with only the authorities. The lack of awareness and the general careless attitude of people play a monumental role as well.

As to Mr Peh's question: "Where is the follow-up enforcement to the well-intentioned laws?", the answer is simple: Us.

If you see anyone flouting the law, confront him - not with a physical confrontation, but just a verbal reminder. If your advice is not heeded, make a police report.

Singapore is a congested place. There is no place we can describe as people-free and, hence, better suited for e-mobility devices.

We form this society and we need to play a part in ensuring that the values we hold dear are intact, and not always push the responsibility to the authorities.

Jang Ein Lai

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