Public education messages should be consistent across agencies

People crossing the road at Yishun Bus Interchange on Feb 11, 2019.
People crossing the road at Yishun Bus Interchange on Feb 11, 2019.PHOTO: ST FILE

Mr Anthony Lee Mui Yu, in his letter to the Forum, expressed the desire in the hearts of many Singaporeans (How we can be better as a society, July 23).

And this will only be possible if everyone, besides families and individuals, internalise this message and plays his part. Government agencies, for instance, should send out consistent messages in their respective educational drives.

I was disappointed with a recent publicity video that was aimed at encouraging the silver generation to learn IT skills.

In the video, two senior couples were at a food centre having their meal. When they were done, one of the husbands refused to learn to use the mobile app to call for a taxi and wanted instead to hail one.

After some time, there was no success and the other husband used his mobile phone to call a taxi and one promptly arrived.

They then all left the table, leaving behind the messy dishes and plates.

So while this carries the Silver Infocomm message, what does it tell viewers about the social graciousness message?

All the important messages about creating a better society, such as keeping Singapore clean and green, showing consideration and kindness to others, observing rules and courtesies, and so on, should be the common ethos for all government agencies.

In their respective publicity efforts to promote their own mission, they must not lose sight of the bigger picture, that is, to help build a better society.

Ng Suan Eng

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