Public assistance meant to help while recipients find their feet

While it is the prerogative of public assistance recipients to seek help from crowd-funding, it is totally unnecessary for them to shame the Government for insufficient aid (Needy turning to social media to seek help, air grievances; July 29).

Public assistance is meant to be a short-term solution to help those who are temporarily unable to work tide over their difficulties and give them the tools to be successful.

It is a general means of solving problems and is not meant to lead the individual recipients out of the cycle of poverty.

People like getting something for nothing. The state can never satisfy them. This is why giveaways are a winning platform.

But if the Government keeps giving handouts, it will not nurture the recipient to become independent and responsible. Rather, it could foster dependency and entitlement.

The Government provides for needs, not wants.

There should be a time limit on public assistance. The funds should get an individual to the point where he can function on his own.

In financial year 2015, $87.88 million was disbursed under the ComCare short- to medium-term assistance. Every cent disbursed must be accounted for to taxpayers.

Taxpayers should not have to carry someone else's burden.

Francis Cheng

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