PUB working on latest technology on monitoring water usage

PUB, the national water agency, thanks Mr Joe Ng Boon Leng for his letter (Can water authority create an app for easy tracking of usage?; Jan 24).

We encourage all our customers to monitor their water consumption from their monthly bills, through the SP Services mobile app, or by reading their water meter regularly.

All domestic customers are able to see how their water consumption compares against the national average as well as neighbours in similar housing types.

This helps households to be more aware of and make adjustments to save water and manage their monthly water usage.

PUB is conducting trials to provide real-time feedback on household water usage through mobile and online platforms.

Leveraging on smart water meters to provide easy and timely access to meter readings, customers can track and monitor their water usage, and can help save precious water.

For example, under the Smart Nation initiative, PUB is working with the Housing Board and Info-Communications Development Authority on a Smart Enabled Homes Trial in Yuhua.

In it, households can purchase smart home devices, such as the Home Water Management System, that will provide them with water consumption data, water saving tips, and alerts on anomalies in their water usage such as leaks or high consumption, via their mobile devices.

Separately, together with the Energy Market Authority and Singapore Power, PUB is also embarking on a trial to develop Automated Meter Reading for electricity, gas and water alongside a mobile application which will give consumers timely consumption data.

Anyone who wants to make their homes more water-efficient can call PUB's 24-hour Call Centre at 1800-CALL-PUB (1800 2255 782) to request free thimbles for their taps and showerheads.

Michael Toh
Water Supply Network Department

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