PSC scholarship not meant for all talents

The Public Service Commission (PSC) scholarship should not be expanded to cater to talents in other fields ("Key players in jobs arena must change mindset too"; April 17).

This is because it would contradict the purpose of the scholarship, which is to groom young people to take up top positions in public service and contribute to our society through the public sector. Including talents such as film-making or sports would result in a misfit.

Film-makers and athletes in the career path of a PSC scholarship holder would be like fish out of water, and may not excel or live up to their full potential. It would be an inefficient use of their talents.

Instead of expanding the PSC scholarship, we should expand the definition of success in our society.

Is a high-flying career in the public sector the only definition of success? I hope not.

A scholarship, be it from the PSC or the Media Development Authority, is commendable in itself. Furthermore, does a person need to be a scholarship holder to be considered talented?

We are all endowed with different skills and talents. Expanding the definition of success would encourage our young to pursue careers that make them happy and fulfilled.

Let us recognise the genius in everyone and celebrate our diverse talents and the hard work our young put into what they are good at and love to do.

Jocelyn Tan Si Hui (Miss)

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