Prudential must tighten its processes, act promptly

I was not surprised by the recent case of Prudential customers experiencing erroneous Giro deductions for their insurance premiums (Prudential's Giro deductions botched by omitted decimal point; May 26).

I have experienced similar lapses of service by Prudential.

In a letter dated March 7, Prudential informed me that it had refunded part of my premium because I had switched insurer for the Integrated Shield Plan.

However, in another letter dated March 19, Prudential stated that it would treat the Integrated Shield Plan policy as null and void from inception because I had not endorsed a conditional acceptance letter.

The second letter made no reference to the earlier letter or the fact that I had already switched insurers, but said that a full refund of the policy would be returned to me due to the nullity of the policy.

On April 25, I wrote to Prudential to inquire about the two letters.

Its customer service centre apologised for the lack of clarity in communication and said that it wasprocessing the cancellation of the policy, with a full refund to be paid within the next seven to 10 working days.

However, to date, I have not received the refund. Neither has Prudential contacted me for an update.

As more consumers buy health insurance policies to cover rising medical costs, Prudential should tighten its communication and operational processes so that consumers' interests are always the top priority.

Prudential brands itself as "always listening, always understanding".

It should also act on issues positively and promptly after it has listened and understood.

Madeleine Chang (Madam)

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