Provide real-time train information

I travel frequently using the East-West Line, transiting through the Circle Line and completing the last leg of my journey on the North-South Line.

I hope the Land Transport Authority will look into providing on the Web a real-time status of estimated train arrivals like those already available in the stations.

Most commuters plan their travel before they leave their homes.It is frustrating to walk to the station only to find out that the line is having some problems and that the next train is going to take a while.

Those who need to get to their destinations in a hurry would then try catching a taxi but they would have to do it with a throng of other commuters at the station.

Advance information real-time on the Web would be useful as it would allow commuters to do a check before they leave their homes.

If there were a train breakdown, commuters could be spared the travel to the station and they could catch a taxi from close to home.

Any real-time information would be useful.

I would think that technically, it is something that is easy to implement - just have a camera at key stations trained on the digital display boards where the information is already available.

This is in no way a criticism of the current problems exacerbated by signal system tests.

But the rail reliability statistics do not mean anything to me when all I want to do is to get to work and meetings on time.

Samuel Ng

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