Provide HR staff with tools to better pick right job candidate

Local companies sending their human resource personnel for training should lead to better capabilities ("Local firms need to strengthen HR capabilities, says study"; Monday).

However, for these trained personnel to achieve significant results for their companies, they need to have the right tools to carry out their HR functions.

For example, one of the key functions of HR is the hiring of staff.

Traditional ways of hiring are based on the skills, competencies and experience of candidates known from their resumes and interviews. But these methods have been found to be deficient in choosing the right candidate.

For sustained performance, behaviour qualities of the candidate would make more difference than what he knows.

HR departments would need a tool which would give them a deep understanding of what drives a person's behaviour.

HR personnel will then be much more capable of making the correct hiring decision, given the values required for the position and the company's culture and values.

A proven effective tool is a psychometric assessment of the values and motivators of an individual which drive his behaviour.

Understanding the roots of one's behaviour enables a good prediction of how one would behave.

Thus, a psychological profile which measures and reflects a person's values and motivators will be a much better tool for HR staff when assessing the suitability of a candidate than a profile on personality traits.

By all means, provide training to HR personnel to strengthen their capabilities. But empower them by giving them the right tools to perform their job.

Clemente Escano

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