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Protect workers from the haze

With the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) peaking at unhealthy levels, many Singaporeans have begun wearing masks when they go outdoors.

In schools, there are also measures in place, including curbing the number of outdoor activities.

However, I am dismayed to see construction workers not wearing any masks. This is appalling, since the workers are constantly outdoors.

Even with the PSI in the "unhealthy" range, they have continued working tirelessly, without any protection from the haze.

I hope the authorities will ensure that the contractors who employ these workers will adhere to health and safety guidelines.

There should also be more stringent measures to ensure workers are informed about the potential safety and health hazards brought about by the haze.

While masks are being distributed to lower-income families and the elderly, we should not neglect our construction workers.

Their health and safety are just as important as ours.

Kate Yeo, 13, Secondary 2 student


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