Protect whistle-blowers to find out what happened in NSF's death

The death of full-time national serviceman Dave Lee Han Xuan on Monday appears to be another fatality that could have been prevented (NSF dies after being warded for heatstroke; May 1).

A Facebook post by a person claiming to be a platoon mate of the NSF, is making its rounds on the Internet.

It details what he claims was the sequence of events which led to the death.

I urge the authorities to protect the whistle-blowers who are giving us these accounts.

All the platoon mates of Corporal First Class (CFC) Lee must be fully protected and encouraged to give the full account, so that all Singaporeans, and especially the parents of the late CFC Lee, have all the facts of this sad episode.

In the meanwhile, all the SAF personnel involved in this incident should be suspended from their duties pending the outcome of the Committee of Inquiry.

We cannot allow another such death to happen.

The Ministry of Defence has to explain why this unnecessary fatality has occurred.

Kuan Kok Oon

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