Protect diners from idling vehicles' exhaust

I wish to highlight another problem related to idling vehicle engines (Do something about air-con use in idling vehicles, by Mr Phillip Tan Fong Lip, Dec 19; and Idling engines: Action taken against drivers, by the National Environment Agency, Dec 22).

Many parking spaces in Housing Board carparks are situated perpendicular and adjacent to the extended dining areas of coffee shops.

When drivers reverse their vehicles into these parking spaces, their exhaust pipes end up pointing directly at coffee shop patrons.

When these drivers leave, many do not drive off immediately on starting their car engine.

Their vehicle engines are idling while they use their mobile phones or smoke, resulting in fumes being discharged directly at the diners behind their vehicle.

I experienced this once, and the smell was so unbearable that I had to move to another table to finish my meal.

I suggest that reverse parking be banned for such parking spaces, and ask that HDB look into the issue.

Soo Weng Keong

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