Promote good driving more inclusively

I received a letter from the Singapore Police Force (SPF), congratulating me on having kept a clean driving record for the past five years.

I saw it as a positive national initiative by the SPF to promote good driving habits in Singapore

However, the effort is discriminatory.

First, you can obtain the Badge of Honour decal only from a Shell petrol station.

Second, in order to qualify for any other rewards, you have to be seen or spotted at a Shell station, buying Shell fuel.

This discriminates against other road users who do not use Shell, even though they have kept a clean record.

It might be misconstrued as an effort to get drivers to switch to Shell fuel. This is definitely not fair to other drivers.

A national effort to promote good driving should be more inclusive.

Drivers who have maintained a clean traffic record should be rewarded fairly, regardless of the petrol station they patronise.

Ajit Singh Nagpal

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