Programmes to help jobseekers reviewed regularly

I refer to the letters (MOM must do more to help Singaporeans get jobs by Mr Tan Soon Hock, July 25, and Give more pragmatic help to unemployed PMETs, by Mr Ng Sung Nang, July 26).

MOM has a range of programmes to help unemployed Singaporeans return to work. These include job matching services and programmes to help jobseekers close skills or wage gaps.

We are also moving upstream to help PMETs whose jobs may be at risk due to company or industry restructuring.

These interventions are designed to be pragmatic; without them, employers may not be willing to make offers to jobseekers or keep them in jobs.

Jobseekers' willingness to adapt to employers' requirements is also critical.

We regularly review and enhance our programmes to better meet the needs of jobseekers and employers.

For instance, we have upgraded the Work Trial to the Career Trial programme to provide higher levels of support for jobseekers to try out jobs which employers have upgraded to be more attractive to jobseekers.

Last year, more than 25,000 Singaporeans found jobs through the Adapt and Grow initiative, a 20 per cent improvement over 2016.

Mr Ng related his experience and said that some employers participating in the initiative were not receptive towards applicants without relevant experience.

This is a concern even though our records show that around 80 per cent of individuals who have secured placements on Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) did not have prior experience in the sector.

Our records show that Mr Ng has been assisted by Workforce Singapore (WSG)/Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) career coaches since March 2016, with his current coach providing him with a job referral most recently last month. His coach will continue to support him if he requires further assistance.

Jobseekers who require career guidance can contact Workforce Singapore at 688-5885.

Terence Ho

Divisional Director

Manpower Planning and Policy Division

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