Prevention key to tackling danger from reckless PMD riders

A man riding an electric bicycle on a pavement.
A man riding an electric bicycle on a pavement.PHOTO: ST FILE

A big and dangerous monster has already been created - reckless personal mobility device (PMD) riders on our shared footpaths and covered walkways.

Adding PMD rental services to the mix to make the devices more easily available will pose an even greater danger to innocent and vulnerable pedestrians, especially the elderly, pregnant women and young children.

Even if riders were to keep within the speed limit, when a bicycle or PMD collides with a pedestrian, the latter will definitely be injured.

No amount of fines or jail time will be able to help the victim to get back to his original physical condition prior to the accident.

The Government has a responsibility to re-establish a safe environment for pedestrians so that they can enjoy their walk without having to worry about being hit by a reckless rider.

There needs to be strict enforcement of the law, for example, if riders do not dismount and push their devices while crossing roads.

Bicycle or PMD delivery riders should not be allowed on footpaths as they are always in a hurry to meet their delivery schedule.

We must focus on prevention rather than rely on the Active Mobility Act.

Prevention is better than lifelong suffering for both the innocent pedestrian and his loved ones.

Mok Yew Kee

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