Prevent lorry from driving off without lowering crane

Lorry cranes are usually deployed to deliver goods in busy roads and congested areas ("Lorry driver held over collapse of walkway shelter"; last Saturday).

In such situations, the drivers are pressured by other road users to speed up. In their rush, they have a tendency to forget to lower and fold the crane arm.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened. It seems that punishing the driver is not sufficient to eliminate the problem.

I suggest that a mechanical or electronic device be designed to lock the lorry from being engaged unless the crane arm is lowered and folded.

This is similar to auto-drive vehicles, where the engine cannot start if the gear is engaged.

Perhaps the Land Transport Authority could engage our polytechnic students to assist with the design.

This will provide them with an authentic experience, and I am sure they can come up with an innovative solution.

Tan Song Eng

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