Preserve heritage of St John's Island

It is a pity that the final four islanders have had to leave St John's Island ("Last islanders on St John's to leave by new year"; Dec 13, 2016).

When they leave, there will be no one for guests to turn to when they want to find out more about the island.

More significantly, an essential part of the island's culture would be lost. There will be no one to share their personal stories. We will no longer be able to see the kampung life that they led.

I hope there are plans to preserve the island's heritage.

The public, including students like me, should have the chance to explore the island and even camp there for a night. This will enable them to learn more about the area's history and biodiversity.

Perhaps nature enthusiasts and students can volunteer to manage the shrubs and trees on the island, so the environment can be well maintained.

There are not many places left for us to preserve in Singapore. We should seize this opportunity and cherish St John's island.

Karen Wong Jia Yi, 17,

Junior College Year 1 student

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