Prepare millennials to face future challenges

Office workers walking along Shenton Way.
Office workers walking along Shenton Way.PHOTO: ST FILE

The recent articles on 19-year-olds gave an excellent insight into millennials (The 19+: Who they are, what they want, May 12).

The survey conducted by The Straits Times and Singapore University of Social Sciences covered wide-ranging topics like education, job and salary expectations, communication and reading habits, marriage and parenthood as well as issues of interest and politics.

With increasing globalisation in the world, more and more young people would have to work overseas as part of their career.

Understanding the various aspects of the outside world and establishing better relations with the external world have become increasingly more important.

However, good career prospects alone cannot guarantee a bright future for our nation.

Our young people should not neglect their role in nation-building as Singapore is still a young country.

There are many challenges that lie ahead in fostering a stronger national identity as well as social cohesion and integration, as a continuous influx of foreigners is coming here to work and stay.

As some of them become new citizens, local-born citizens must assume the leading role in this respect.

Also, with the growing ageing population, our young people today may have to bear a higher fiscal burden, among other things.

We must prepare them to face these challenges ahead so that they can formulate ideas and policies on tackling issues when the time comes.

Albert Ng Ya Ken

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