Preaching by radical clerics must be countered effectively

The report (Indonesian preacher accused of inciting suicide attack; Dec 13) highlights one fact - that unless seditious preachings by radical clerics are countered effectively with fatwas issued by globally recognised and prominent Islamic scholars, Singapore could also be sitting on a ticking time bomb waiting to unleash its menace on our brittle social fabric that has been preciously guarded.

I believe that there are many other people like the two suicide bombers Ahmad Sukri and Ikhwan Nur Salam, who were misled to carry out these acts with the false promise of paradise.

The Islamic scholar Saleh al-Fawzan denounced the validity of a suicide bomber being a martyr.

Another renowned scholar Shalih Al-Utsaimin advised Muslims to be law-abiding citizens when they accept a new citizenship or gain an international passport.

Sentencing captured terrorists to the same capital punishment that murderers or drug dealers would receive could also be an additional deterrence to any potential recruits.

Nordin Amat

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