Portal for motorists to compare petrol prices a good move

I was not surprised to learn of the rising consumption of petrol in Singapore in spite of the decreasing vehicle population here since 2013 (S'pore petrol usage set to hit record despite fewer vehicles; Dec 30, 2017).

The report suggested that this trend was due to the quadrupling of the number of private-hire cars, growing fleet of petrol-electric taxis, more cars with higher engine capacity and traffic jams caused by more roadworks.

It's timely that the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) has proposed a Web portal and/or mobile app to let consumers compare petrol prices in a more effective and meaningful manner (Watchdog calls for petrol price comparison portal; Dec 20, 2017).

The initiative could save motorists $40 million a year.

With the up-to-date information on actual net prices being charged by the various petrol retailers, consumers will be in a better position to decide if they wish to spend less on what is essentially a homogeneous product.

Their decision to do so would result in less consumption of a dwindling natural resource.

Joachim Sim Khim Huang

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