Poor way of dealing with potential foster parents

The report on July 22 (Opening hearts to kids with special needs) struck a chord with me.

My wife and I likeyoung children and welcome them to our home. I have also been a volunteer with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped for 30 years now.

Hence, I responded to the Ministry of Social and Family Development's (MSF) call for foster parents, and hoped to foster a child who is visually handicapped.

The MSF Fostering Department's e-mail thanked me for volunteering and invited me to attend a meeting.

I responded that I would attend but could not confirm if my wife would, as she had other engagements. I also clarified the location of the event.

However, when I showed up at the appointed time and place, I found the door locked with no sign of any meeting happening.

I sought the help of a staff member to contact two people who would be in the know. One of them told me that he is not in Fostering, and the other instructed me to leave a message but did not get back to me until now.

I eventually learnt that the meeting venue had changed.

It was claimed that everyone had been notified by e-mail. I asked for a copy of that e-mail, but was not given one.

The head of Fostering wrote to me to apologise for the inconvenience and to say that in hindsight, a phone call should have been made to the confirmed participants.

People like me take their volunteering seriously. The MSF's sloppiness in dealing with people, especially volunteers, must stop.

Ronald Lee Yew Kee

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