Polls should be about key issues, not buzzwords

This coming general election should be characterised by greater maturity and civility, and be focused on key issues rather than slogan slinging, exchanges based on shallow perception and meaningless buzzwords ("Party big guns draw battle lines for coming polls"; Thursday).

Our lives are at stake and we need to take this election seriously.

Debates and exchanges among members of political parties during this period should be framed such that important issues concerning Singapore and Singaporeans are aired and debated with the view of informing the public so that they can make a wise and responsible choice.

For example, topics can include what strategies the parties have to take Singapore forward in the next five to 50 years in terms of meeting the needs of an ageing population, building a world-class transport system, a relevant education system and a competitive economy which can provide meaningful jobs.

We should also consider how each of the political parties has contributed to the development of Singapore thus far.

What do these parties promise to do for the next five years so that Singapore can meet the threats and challenges it faces or will face?

In other words, the contest should be one based on sound ideas, promises made and kept, as well as the participants' track records.

Zee Kok Eng

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