Politics is about service

I applaud Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for reiterating that PAP MPs must conduct themselves well and for stressing the importance of integrity, and being honest and incorruptible ("PM reminds PAP MPs to remain honest and incorruptible"; yesterday).

As MPs, they must remember that they are "servants of the people", and not the masters.

MPs who are or were in top positions in their careers must come down to the ground to feel the pulse of the citizens, and serve with passion and sincerity. Those in high office must ensure they do not detach themselves from the woes of the working class, even as they chart larger, national strategies. 

MPs should listen to voters' concerns, help them to tackle pressing needs, and reflect their worries and aspirations in Parliament. I look forward to MPs' continued good work and am confident they will steer the Singapore ship in our best interests.

V. Balu

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