Politicians must not evoke wrong reactions and consequences

It is puzzling that politicians across the Causeway have now resorted to stirring up the emotions of people on both sides (Bersatu: S'poreans should urge govt to review water pact, March 7).

This is a dangerous and unfortunate turn of events, which can hurt relations at the people-to-people level.

Is it their intention to put pressure on the Singapore Government to conform to their agenda, in order to salvage their past decision - more than three decades ago - when they chose not to seek a review of the water pact when they had the opportunity?

Citizens of both countries can only wish for harmony, it is the politicians that need to make it happen.

They need to be careful not to evoke the wrong reactions and consequences.

The world is fraught with enough challenges as it is, and we can take them on only if we seriously work together.

Citizens deserve leaders who lead with maturity, understand context, inwardly reflect on the truths of a matter, and have constructive policies that can bring about a better tomorrow for everyone.

Thiruthakka Devan

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