Policy shifts to improve lives a good thing

There has been debate recently about whether the People's Action Party's alleged "policy shifts to the left" are of a political nature or not ("Political change at the ballot box", Aug 20; and "Policy shifts in response to societal change" by Mr Aaron Lee Zhou Rui, last Saturday).

Does it really matter?

Whatever the motivation, a government spending public funds for the betterment of the country and the lives of its people cannot be a negative thing. Is it also not a government's duty to assess the needs of the population and the country, and proactively make changes in policies to ensure that such needs are met?

However, I do agree with Mr Devadas Krishnadas that increased social spending must be fiscally responsible and sustainable. Mr Lee was also right to say that politicians have to undertake what is necessary for society, even if some measures might prove unpopular to some segments of society.

I do not know of any political party in the world that does not make an effort to project itself in as positive a manner as possible, especially just before a general election.

It is, therefore, up to discerning voters to decide if the party making certain promises can deliver a sustainable solution that is good for Singapore and its people, or if it is just engaging in campaign rhetoric.

Agnes Sng (Ms)

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