PMD use: People at bus stops need protection

A man on an electric scooter along Holland Road on March 6, 2018.
A man on an electric scooter along Holland Road on March 6, 2018.PHOTO: ST FILE

I applaud the Land Transport Authority's increased efforts to clamp down on errant personal mobility device (PMD) users and unsafe PMDs.

Nevertheless, I question the effectiveness in relying on such enforcement measures. While a ban is counter-productive and not practical, more can be done to protect pedestrians. This would include an in-depth examination of the required infrastructure to support PMD use in Singapore, in addition to educating the public on proper PMD use.

One at-risk group that needs to be protected against unsafe PMD use is commuters at bus stops. Structures restricting the use of PMDs, such as bollards, should be erected around the perimeter of bus stops to compel PMD users and cyclists to dismount.

Without affecting the movement of wheelchairs and personal mobility aids, these barriers can make a difference in ensuring that commuters who are waiting to board their buses will not be put in harm's way by a fast-moving PMD.

Ong Yao Min

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