Plans for better lighting at Konfrontasi memorial

We agree with Mr Zhang Guocheng on the need for the Konfrontasi memorial to be more prominent in the evenings (Light up Konfrontasi memorial in the evenings; Oct 14).

As Mr Zhang has pointed out, the memorial was inaugurated on March 10, 2015, to honour those who fought valiantly for our nation during the Konfrontasi in 1965, and to remember the victims of the MacDonald House bombing.

Located close to MacDonald House - today, a national monument - the memorial also serves as a lasting reminder of how we got to where we are today, and why our pioneers supported and fought for the security and future of Singapore.

The memorial was designed to serve as a contemplative space for reflecting on and remembering our past, and moving on in a spirit of renewal and hope.

Designed by Singapore artist Shirley Soh, the memorial is set in a landscaped bed and comprises granite slabs which signify solidity and plants which signify life and growth. There is a footpath around the memorial to invite visitors to walk around it while contemplating our country's history and the lessons gleaned from it.

Since 2015, memorial services have been organised there annually on March 10 to remember those who lost their lives and suffered, and to honour the volunteers and soldiers who had fought and fallen during Konfrontasi.

We are looking into Mr Zhang's suggestion (including the use of solar panels) to enhance the lighting for the memorial.

Jean Wee (Ms)

Director (Preservation of Sites and Monuments)

National Heritage Board

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