Planes flying too low in Punggol

In past years, the residents of Punggol and Sengkang have had to continually put up with the booming noise from military planes.

The noise shatters the peace in the area every morning to late afternoon, becoming an unbearable distraction, especially to students in the many schools that now dot the town as well as to those at home, such as housewives and babies.

However, it is the proximity at which these planes are flying above the buildings here that is of concern. From the ninth floor of my block, I can make out the details on these planes with the naked eye.

Given the number of buildings around, especially in Punggol, should there ever be an accident, it would result in widespread damage to property and, most importantly, the loss of lives.

Perhaps in the past, the remoteness of these areas did not throw up any concerns at all. But the demographics of Punggol and Sengkang have changed.

Has the Ministry of Defence considered possible alternative routes or reviewed the flying methods for the benefit and safety of the people living there?

Chua Bee Yen (Madam)

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