Plan ahead for what to do in retirement

Ms Cheow Sue-Ann's article is very timely, informative and, indeed, triggers readers to seriously ponder over what they can do when they near or reach the retirement age (Age is just a number; Nov 7).

Those who are in their mid-40s or who are nearing their 50s and 60s should start to rekindle their minds, set them to a new direction, re-programme their mindset and take positive steps to insure their future.

I am a pioneer citizen. I make myself useful and marketable by helping millennials, students, professionals, managers, executives and technicians to improve their speaking competence - speech-wise and presentation-wise.

I coach them on how to speak better, write better and even present better.

This was not a plan that was conceived overnight, but by thinking and planning ahead.

There is truth to the axiom: Begin with the end in mind and keep track of your sense of direction to reach your coveted goals.

We may not be able to do anything about ageism in the workplace or to change employers' mindsets in this regard.

But we can stay focused and mentally resilient, and capitalise on our maturity, wisdom and experience.

In any case, one can still be an asset to the community by volunteering and performing community service.

In short, one should plan for one's retirement, and keep learning, re-learning and up-skilling to stay competitive and employable in one's silver years.

Some have said that "age is just a number"; others that "age is just a word". American author Mark Twain's view is especially pertinent: "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

Tan Teck Huat

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