Pity so much already spent on HSR

I read with much dismay and frustration that Malaysia will be negotiating to defer the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail (HSR) project with Singapore (Malaysia to negotiate deferment of high-speed rail with Singapore; July 20).

The Malaysian government said that its main priority is to reduce its country's debt.

If Malaysia does not have the funds for the HSR project now, they probably never will as there will always be other priorities and, if there is another change of government, this decision will be delayed and reviewed once again. So, the HSR project looks doomed.

It is very sad and disheartening that Singapore already spent $250 million on this project.

Before deciding to spend this huge amount on this HSR project, was there a thorough study and investigation done on the credibility of the other country, as well as its ability to pay for the project?

The $250 million already spent is as good as gone down the drain.

It is such a pity, as this huge amount of money could have been spent on healthcare or our ageing population.

I am confident in the Government's ability to invest in promising and important projects.

But at the same time, I hope more due care and prudence will be exercised in future projects where huge losses may be incurred should the other party choose not to continue with the project.

Susan Tan Lin Neo

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