People must learn to respect boundaries

People must learn to respect boundaries

It was upsetting to read about young women being subjected to various demeaning acts during orientation activities ("NUS: Risque games completely inappropriate"; last Wednesday).

People have the right to decide what makes them uncomfortable, and we have to respect one another's boundaries. We have to learn to be sensitive to the reactions of the people around us and create an environment in which everyone can feel safe.

Until young people are able to grasp this concept, the sexualisation of situations will continue, which will, in turn, disempower many young women.

It is important for universities to be more involved in student-organised activities.

Many universities assume students are mature enough to make decisions and be in charge of large groups of their peers.

More effort should be made to monitor planned activities carefully, especially when dealing with new students.

A shift in culture is possible, and we don't have to wait another decade for change to occur.

Celeste Teo Sue Myn, 16, Secondary 4 student

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