Penalty for ragging must be raised

Sending errant officers to the Singapore Civil Defence Force's detention barracks for ragging offences has not prevented another case of ragging that ended in a tragic death on May 13 (SCDF officers punished in ragging cases; May 16).

It appears "detention barrack" punishment has, therefore, proven to be unsuitable in reining in such malpractices within the SCDF.

Having a whistle-blowing programme is nothing but a politically correct whisper.

While Corporal Kok Yuen Chin's death could eventually be dealt with under the criminal justice system, the detention barracks belonging to the Singapore Armed Forces, the Singapore Police Force and the SCDF should immediately up their punishment repertoire.

Perhaps the administration of a number of strokes of the cane is needed to rein in such unnecessary and devious offences.

Additionally, how is it that only five cases of ragging surfaced between May 2010 and August 2015?

What was going on from September 2015 to May 12 this year?

Cheang Peng Wah

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