Forum: Peace of mind on footpaths

Two e-scooter riders waiting at the pedestrian crossing. ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG

I applaud the Government's long-awaited action in banning e-scooters from footpaths (E-scooters banned from footpaths amid rise in accidents, Nov 5). Lest it be misconstrued, the e-scooter ban on footpaths is not aimed at food delivery riders earning a decent living and food delivery companies.

Unfortunately, it is hard to escape the fact that they played a part in bringing about the Government's move.

In the companies' quest for profits, it seemed as if aggressive food delivery became the paramount objective, which translated into some riders flouting all safety rules.

It felt amazing to have footpaths free from zigzagging e-scooters on the first morning of the ban.

I did not have to walk on the grass just to avoid speeding e-scooters.

The Government cannot be blamed for taking this step as it had appealed to riders and food delivery companies to adopt more responsible behaviour, but to no avail.

Riders, mainly food delivery riders, brought this law upon themselves.

K. Ramakrishnan

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