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Paving the way to top schools

It is heartening to know that students from polytechnics and junior colleges now have a network of mentors to help them get into top British and American universities ("Mentors to help students get into top unis"; June 12).

Programmes like Project Access empower students to pursue their academic aspirations, and pave the way for a greater diversity of Singaporean students to enter top overseas universities.

Such mentorship programmes should also be extended to secondary school students hoping to enter top junior colleges or polytechnic courses.

Students from top secondary schools are more likely to be acquainted with seniors in top junior colleges or polytechnic courses and, hence, are more likely to receive guidance and advice from these seniors.

It is important that students from secondary schools that are under-represented in these top institutions are also granted guidance and mentorship, so that they may have better chances of entering these institutions.

Such programmes are a good way to start encouraging people in society to help one another climb the social ladder, and to narrow the gap between "elite" schools and neighbourhood schools.

Faith Wong Wen Xin (Miss)

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