Passport renewal forms mysteriously vanished

My recent encounter with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) via the postal delivery system for the renewal of passports has raised questions about the reliability of the service - and I am not referring only to the postal service.

I posted an envelope containing three separate passport renewal application forms to the ICA, but received only one collection slip within a week.

The other two application forms were in the same envelope, but were not registered by the ICA.

This means that they were either lost in the delivery process or after arriving at the destination.

I inquired with the ICA through the online feedback system and a phone call, but drew a blank.

It is very strange that only one application was processed when all three documents were in the same envelope, which clearly arrived at the ICA.

I am also concerned about whether the two affected applicants' personal information has been mishandled.

This incident should not be taken lightly as there have been incidents of fake Singapore passports being discovered in some other parts of the world.

The ICA, a public agency handling applicants' confidential information, is responsible in ensuring that information passing through its doors is kept secure.

In the light of this incident, I urge the authority to carry out checks to beef up its reliability and accountability in handling applicants' documents.

Clara Ng Wai Soon (Ms)

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