Passion for learning is important

In my daily interactions with my peers, I know that many study just for the grades.

They study convoluted equations for maths exams, and remember definitions for science tests - all without finding meaning in such learning.

Such an attitude undermines a critical aspect of learning: the passion for it.

Having a passion for learning is akin to developing an intrinsic love for it. This love will persist into adulthood and bloom into a habit of lifelong learning. Therefore, we must preserve the passion for learning in all individuals.

Recently, I visited the Battle Box, one of Singapore's great historical sites. I truly benefited that day because I loved the authentic taste of history and process of learning without any textbooks and grades in mind.

With people focused on grades, assignments and the like, how can we continue to cultivate a passion for learning in students?

Singapore has seen its greatest developments over the past few decades. To continue that, Singapore must sustain a passion for learning in its DNA.

Koon Wei Pheng, 14

Secondary 2 student

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