Pasar malam theme park idea deserves support

In Wednesday's report ("Pasar malam theme park to save night markets?"), Trade Fair Merchants' Association president Alan Toh suggested a night market theme park to preserve the Singapore culture of pasar malams.

His ingenious idea deserves the support of the authorities.

Possible sites for a pasar malam theme park are the plots of empty land in Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 and Brickland Road. These places are easily accessible via public transport.

I have visited the Friday pasar malam in the Malaysian town of Megah Ria, about half an hour's drive from Johor Baru.

It is very popular with Johoreans and Singaporeans .

The whole road is reserved for hawkers. Vehicles are banned from parking on the road and have to park at nearby carparks.

There is a corner for drinkers and a stage for karaoke enthusiasts. Chinese sinsehs are allowed to sell traditional Chinese medicine, and there is a stall providing therapeutic massages and acupuncture services.

Hawker food is one crucial part of the Singapore identity that is loved by both tourists and locals alike. Hawker stalls should feature heavily in any pasar malam theme park that may be developed.

Heng Cho Choon

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