PA's spending on event troubling

It was recently reported that the People's Association will roll out its Wellness Time@RC to two-thirds of all residents' committees (RC) in Singapore by 2020. It was announced at the 10th anniversary of PA's Wellness Programme held at Resorts World Convention Centre (PA takes activities for seniors closer to their homes; Nov 19).

In the past, PA's activities were usually held at public auditoriums, common areas such as atria in HDB towns, or community halls in community centres.

When did it upgrade to such five-star venues? How much does it cost to hold events in such venues?

It is a waste of public funds and resources when PA holds its events in expensive venues.

While all expenses may be properly accounted for, it does not mean that PA should be extravagant in its spending. What happened to the scrutiny and approval of such unnecessary expenditure?

It does not help that this comes on the back of recent announcements on increases in taxes and fees - water, public transport, gas and electrical tariffs and school fees for polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education, to name a few.

Such extravagant spending gives the impression of public funds being diverted away from other needy causes and an unnecessary burden being placed on citizens by way of higher taxes.

The public has the right to demand that public funds are spent appropriately and not wasted on unnecessary and frivolous expenditure, resulting in a greater financial burden on taxpayers and citizens.

Bernard Chua

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