Parking problems are isolated

Bike-sharing has gained traction here, though recent reports of some cases of misuse are disappointing.

But over the weekend, the number of shared bicycles I saw parked at designated spaces exceeded the number of those parked indiscriminately.

Mr Lim Tong Wah (Bike-sharing firms should pay for use of proper parking spaces; Forum Online, May 1) is mistaken when he said that users do not have to worry about where to park the bikes.

All three bike-sharing firms emphasise on their sites that users should park at designated parking spaces.

As for making bike-sharing firms pay for proper parking spaces, the counter-argument is that someone else may rent that bike shortly after it has been parked, hence freeing up the space sooner than if someone parks his own bike there all day.

This bike scheme and bike-riding in general is a positive change to our urban landscape and our personal fitness. I hope the authorities will continue to encourage this behaviour with improved infrastructure for cycling.

Adam Reutens-Tan

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