Park cars where they belong

Ms Sabrina Chew seems to miss the point - that roads running through private landed estates are still public roads and not privately owned (Landed home owners often have no option but to park on roads, by Ms Sabrina Chew; March 23).

Such roads are usually narrow, no more than the width of two or three cars, and are typically designed to have traffic flowing in both directions. All it takes is to have cars parked permanently on both sides of the road to create an obstruction to traffic, and safety issues.

Most of the landed houses in Singapore come with car porches, so it is puzzling that many owners still resort to parking their cars outside their houses.

The car porches are where the cars belong, not on the road outside. It is not uncommon to see landed house owners utilising car porches as gardens or storage areas, enjoying convenience at the expense of others. Is this not selfish behaviour?

Hong Chee Meng

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