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Parents, teachers must embrace partnership

As a parent of two school-going children, I would like to share my expectations of teachers, lest it be thought that parents are a demanding bunch ("Parents' expectations higher now"; last Sunday).

Overall, I trust the teachers who teach my elder daughter, who attends a top girls' school. However, no one is perfect.

There was an occasion last year when a phrase which was clearly grammatically wrong was described to the girls as grammatically correct.

I asked the teacher for clarification via e-mail and received none.

At the year-end parent-teacher conference, I raised the issue again and the response was that the English head of department was looking into the matter.

Now, one year later, the issue has still not been resolved. I have had to tell my daughter that her school got it wrong in that instance. In this example, parents who are good in grammar will coach their children accordingly. However, for parents who are unaware, their daughters would have been none the wiser.

I don't see such expectations as demanding, but as a partnership whereby the school and the parents work together for the benefit of the pupils. My daughter's school encourages this.

However, not to have received a conclusion on my question for more than a year tells me the "partnership" is not embraced by all teachers.

However, I do acknowledge that some parents may be overbearing and expect to be treated like customers by teachers.

The parent-teacher relationship is not a transactional one. One cannot do without the other. We work together for the benefit of our children.

Vivien Goh Choon Lian (Ms)

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