Absence of CPF nomination

Parents, spouse entitled to funds

Central Provident Fund (CPF) members can choose to nominate the people they want to receive their CPF monies upon their death or decide that their CPF monies be distributed to recipients under intestacy laws.

If they do not make a nomination, their CPF monies will be forwarded to the public trustee to be distributed in accordance with intestacy laws.

The public trustee has the duty to safeguard the legal rights of all beneficiaries of the monies.

In the case referred to in the Dec 9 report ("Man died before marriage could be annulled"), under the law, Mr Ignatius Edmund's parents are entitled to receive half of his CPF monies.

These were paid out to them in February 2012.

Under the law, Mr Edmund's wife is entitled to the remaining half of his CPF monies.

However, she has not claimed the monies.

As these are legally her monies, the public trustee has to hold them in trust for her until she comes forward to claim the monies, or renounces her right to them.

We understand that Mr Edmund's family now knows of her whereabouts.

We ask that the family share her contact details with us, so that we can get in touch with her.

Lim Yew Jin
Director (Trust)
Public Trustee's Office

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