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Parents should set homework routine

The Singapore education system is widely recognised as one of the best in the world- as well as one of the most competitive.

Therefore, it is not surprising that parents are getting more involved in their children's learning. (Parents go for tuition - to help their kids; Feb 15)

When parents help their children with schoolwork, they are showing support and care, and giving their children the encouragement to work hard.

However, parents should refrain from doing their children's homework. This defeats the purpose of homework, which is to allow a teacher to assess the student's understanding of the topic.

More importantly, parents should place an emphasis on developing a homework routine, and help their children to stick to the schedule.

This inculcates a sense of responsibility and self-discipline in children.

In the long term, students will become more self-driven and more engaged in the learning process.

Cady Li Yuan Sheng , 16,
Secondary 4 student

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