Parents should prioritise kids' education

Ms Lee Wei Yin made some valid points, such as the suggestion to reduce class sizes and that there is extra ad hoc work taken on as part and parcel of a teacher's work ("Working after school hours part of 'service'"; last Saturday).

However, I disagree with her point that most parents have full-time jobs and are not able to attend meet-the-parents sessions or student performances during normal school hours.

This implies that a parent's job is more important than his child's education.

It is unrealistic to expect teachers and principals to adjust their schedules to fit those of parents.

Surely, parents can take leave or use their special childcare leave to attend such sessions.

By Ms Lee's logic, does it mean government offices are to remain open outside office hours to cater to parents with full-time jobs?

Teachers are also parents with full-time jobs.

Lim Tee Aun

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