Parents set example for kids' tech use

AS A teenager, I strongly agree that online interactions are becoming more commonplace than face-to-face communication ("Shake my hand, look me in the eye"; April 25).

Given the growing popularity of social networking sites, having an online presence is becoming an integral part of today's youth.

However, it has come to a point where many cannot even offer a proper handshake.

One of the reasons the young are inseparable from their electronic devices is that they have been exposed to these from a young age via the adults around them.

Parents should start by being aware of their own use of electronic gadgets.

I urge parents to never neglect their little ones for mobile devices.

The last thing they would want is to inculcate in their children an attitude of turning to the Internet for all forms of communication.

Esther Leong Minn Yi, 16, first-year polytechnic student

Unruly behaviour shames our nation

I AM disgusted at the actions of the two passengers ("Cabby 'punched by passenger who refused to pay fare'"; May 26).

Many people, both young and old, are behaving in ways that are completely unacceptable and they are ruining Singapore's reputation.

No matter how displeased or angry we are, we should never resort to violence.

This will just aggravate the matter and a brawl may ensue, landing both parties in jail or in a hospital.

Xavier Tham Chi Yin, 12, Primary 6 pupil


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