Parents of autistic kids need support, too

There is an increasing number of autistic children in Singapore.

There are special schools and learning centres, but many autistic children are still not given the special attention they deserve. Many, too, are still rejected by society and face issues of acceptance, even at home.

I have an autistic younger brother. The challenge faced by those with autistic family members is not just in accepting them, but also loving them unconditionally.

If some parents are unable to love their own autistic child, what more members of the public?

When my parents found out that my brother is autistic, they were clueless as to how to love and care for him.

More attention should be given to not only autistic children, but their parents as well.

There should be more activities involving these special children, where parents of autistic children can get together to share their experiences and tips, while encouraging one another to keep loving their special ones.

Singaporeans should not forget the parents of autistic children. They might be crying for help, behind closed doors.

Chu Huiling (Ms)

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on August 11, 2015, with the headline 'Parents of autistic kids need support, too'. Subscribe