Parents need to tweak expectations

Most, if not all, parents want their children to have a bright and successful future.

However, they also care about their children's well-being and their values (Torn by conflicting desires, goals for their kids; July 17).

This expectation for their children to have academic achievements as well as holistic development seems unrealistic in today's world.

Students are facing greater and greater stress in school due to the increased competition and emphasis on academic achievement.

It is not uncommon for a junior college student to work on his homework and revision until 1am.

Busy with studies at school, students also find it difficult to spend time on non-academic activities. Consequently, they may not get enough rest.

Therefore, it is unlikely for children to fulfil their parents' expectations.

If parents do not change their expectations, it is likely that they will never be satisfied.

However, it is encouraging that more parents seem to be changing their old mindset.

They are beginning to realise that their role as parents is to guide their children and help them discover what they are good at.

Conflicting parental expectations has always existed, and are likely to persist.

But as long as they try to understand what their children are facing and feeling, both their and their children's stress will be alleviated.

Ge Tianyang (Ms)

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