Parents can get kids hooked on fish

Parents can get kids hooked on fish

I FELT sad to read about the difficulties experienced by aquarium shops in Singapore, and about the waning interest among today's youngsters in keeping fish ("Aquarium shop business floundering"; June 16).

While it is true that children spend more time watching TV and using mobile devices, their parents could help to develop a passion in them for the traditional hobby of rearing fish.

My father passed his love for fish to me, and we have enjoyed many moments together at aquarium shops looking for the perfect fish to add to our pond. Such a shared hobby has brought me closer to my father, kept me away from electronic devices, and nurtured my love for the natural world.

I hope Singapore leaders will assist our aquarium shops in staying alive for the youth of tomorrow.

Christopher Shiven Lee, 10, Primary 4 pupil

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